Brewing Better Beer

Brewing Better Beer

Peter McAuslan

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Brewing Better Beer is not a "how to" book, but the story of Peter McAuslan and Ellen Bounsall, how they built a successful brewery in Montréal and ran it for 25 years, changing the course of the brewing industry. The book follows them both from their backgrounds and upbringing, and their pre-brewing experiences that prepared them for starting a new venture in trying times. The ups and downs of the business, the challenges of partnerships and exhilarating moments are vividly portrayed, as are the joys of creating world class beer and reinventing classic beer styles forgotten by contemporary brewers. Colourful characters the couple engaged with create a tapestry to an ever changing background. References to historical events of their times and the past shaped the author's awareness of how their brewing adventures fit into the Québec and broader panorama of brewing history.

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