Su J. Sokol (CA)

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Ever since she was born, Zee's had a talent, a particular kind of intelligence. She perceives things no one else can. Zee is able to hear other people's thoughts, feel their emotions. She can even see herself through their eyes, and this seeing changes her. Sometimes, Zee is the precocious daughter of her four grown-ups. Other times, Zee's a rough boy from Brooklyn, New York, playing basketball and getting into trouble.

Her four grown-ups are worried. They test Zee's abilities, then try to hide them. Zee anticipates and thwarts their plans. Over time, Zee learns to fit into the moulds of society and people's expectations...but will losing sight of who she really is put her in even greater danger?

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ISBN-13: 9782897502553x

Number of pages: 200

Format: Paperback / softback

Imprint: Bouton d'or Acadie

English en