Toshiko Revised Edition

Toshiko Revised Edition

Michael Kluckner

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Wartime, 1944, in the British Columbia Interior - a farm boy becomes curious about the predicament of two Japanese Canadian teenagers marooned on a nearby farm with their families, unable to live in their former homes on the coast. His friendship with the girl, Toshiko, blossoms into a romance and becomes a scandal following a fight at a school dance. Thrown out of his house by his racist father, the young white boy sets off with Toshiko on a freight train bound for Vancouver. In Vancouver, they find jobs, but must keep the secret of their living together hidden from society.

In this new revised edition, the author has lengthened the introduction, added extensive notes to the graphic novel pages, a bibliography and an index. The story has also been revised to include more information about the internment and the plight of WWII Japanese workers. The love story was reviewed to give more insights into the relationship between the two star crossed lovers. Some panels were re-drawn and new ones added to the story.

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