Fucking Good Manners

Fucking Good Manners

Simon Griffin

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This is not a book about how to be posh. We have some slightly bigger issues to deal with these days.

We've all got a million things to do and are constantly connected to millions of other people all doing a million other things, so the faster we get things done the better, right? Wrong. Among all the busyness and confusion it seems we've forgotten a few of the basics in life, like the ability to treat one another with respect, dignity and some fucking good manners.

Enter Simon Griffin, author of Fucking Apostrophes.

From the entry-level stuff like saying please, thank you and sorry; manspreading on public transport and double-lane queuing at airports, to those that require just a little bit more thought, such as correct urinal protocol in public toilets, making tea rounds in the office and online public displays of affection, Simon imparts rules and advice to living life in a way that makes it just a bit better for everyone. With some liberal use of rude words thrown in to emphasise the point.

With chapters on driving, social media, the environment, getting on with your neighbours, and the best manners for a trip to the cinema, this is the perfect gift for a manners enthusiast, or those in need of a gentle (but sweary) nudge in the right direction.

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Number of pages: 192

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