Postcards From Pandemica

Postcards From Pandemica

Josh Freed

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You've made it through COVID-19. You masked. You gasped. Now, it's time to laugh.

Since early 2020 we've all been living in a strange new land called Pandemica, with so many exotic new customs, rules and lifestyle changes it's felt like we emigrated to a new country.

For over a year, during COVID's darkest days, Montreal Gazette columnist Josh Freed did somethin unique: he made his readers laugh, instead of cry, at their crazy COVID lives. He found levity and humanity, chronicling how we:

  • Washed our hands more often than Lady Macbeth
  • Held our breath in elevators
  • Avoided people on the sidewalk as if they were land mines
  • Quarantined Wednesday's newspaper delivery until Friday, when it was too old to read
  • Were afraid of our own shadow because, for all we knew, we could get COVID from it.

"Freed is blessed in his ability to find something funny in just about everything." — The Globe & Mail

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