Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

Dr. Christopher Labos (CA)

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In this fascinating, refreshingly clarifying book about food, food myths, and how sloppy science perpetuates misconceptions about food, a medical doctor on his way to a conference gets drawn into conversations that answer the following questions:

  • Does vitamin C prevent the common cold? And if it works, why does it only work in Canadian soldiers, ultramarathon runners, and skiers?
  • Was red meat really declared a carcinogen by the WHO? Does that mean I should become a vegetarian? And who decides what gets labeled as red meat and white meat?
  • Is salt really not that bad for you and did a group of researchers really want to experiment on prisoners to prove the point?
  • Does coffee cause cancer or heart attacks? Why did a California court say coffee needed a warning label?
  • Is red wine really good for your heart, and what makes the French Paradox such a paradox?
  • Why did the New England Journal of Medicine link eating chocolate with winning a Nobel Prize?
  • Why were eggs once bad for you but now good for you again? Does that mean I don’t need to worry about cholesterol?
  • Should I be taking vitamin D?

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