Marilyn Lightstone (CA)

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And “What (you may ask) is a poem to an actress like yourself?’
And I would reply, “Why a mini drama, of course!”

Seven nights a week, listeners tune in to Nocturne on the New Classical FM, hosted by Marilyn Lightstone ’ for two hours of poetry selected and read by Ms. Lightstone, interwoven with classical music. Inspired by the many fans who have written to her about the poetry, Ms. Lightstone has gathered some of the poems she read on the radio program into a stunning poetry collection of classic to contemporary poems by renowned and lesser-known poets. Nocturne: Poems to Linger Over is a celebration for the poetry lover, and also features beautiful paintings by Ms. Lightstone.

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ISBN-13: 9781738898206

Number of pages: 112

Format: Hardback


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