Fat Girls Hiking

Fat Girls Hiking

Summer Michaud-Skog

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“An invaluable guide…Kudos to the author for changing the narrative on inclusiveness, breaking down stereotypes, and building body positivity.” —Booklist

From the founder of the Fat Girls Hiking community comes an inclusive, inspiring call to the outdoors for people of all body types, sizes, and backgrounds. In a book brimming with heartfelt stories, practical advice, personal profiles of Fat Girls Hiking community members, and helpful trail reviews, Summer Michaud-Skog creates space for marginalized bodies with an insistent conviction that outdoor recreation should welcome everyone. Whether you’re an experienced or aspiring hiker, you’ll be empowered to hit the trails and find yourself in nature. Trails not scales!        

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ISBN-13: 9781643260396

Number of pages: 252

Format: Paperback / softback

Imprint: Timber Press

English en