House of Mirrors

House of Mirrors

Yves Engler

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Justin Trudeau presents himself as progressive on foreign affairs and to have brought Canada back after the disastrous Stephen Harper Conservative government. House of Mirrors Justin Trudeau’s Foreign Policy demonstrates the opposite is true. In his latest book Yves Engler outlines how Trudeau’s government has expanded the military while ignoring international efforts to restrict nuclear weapons proliferation. In the Western Hemisphere the Liberals have launched an unprecedented, multipronged, effort to overthrow Venezuela’s government while siding with an assortment of reactionary governments. They continued to enable Israeli violence against Palestinians, cozied up to repressive Middle East monarchies and emboldened far-right militarists in Ukraine. Flouting their climate commitments, the Trudeau government also failed to follow through on its promise to rein in Canada’s controversial international mining sector. The Liberals have tried to sell their pro corporate/empire policies with progressive slogans. As they violated international law and spurned efforts to overcome pressing global issues, the Liberals crowed about the international rules-based order. Notwithstanding the rhetoric, the House of Mirrors shows that Trudeau largely continued Harper’s foreign policy.

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ISBN-13: 9781551647494

Number of pages: 204

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