Photography in Canada, 1839-1989

Photography in Canada, 1839-1989

Sarah Bassnett

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This publication is the first comprehensive book on the history of photography in Canada. It addresses an artform like no other: ever since its invention in 1839, photography has revolutionized the way that we understand ourselves and our country. From the moment the first visionary practitioners in Canada took up cameras to create portraits, capture landscapes, and record history, photographs have played a pivotal role in shaping national identity while offering compelling opportunities for creative expression.

Photography in Canada, 1839–1989 offers an unprecedented exploration of a fascinating history. Authors Sarah Bassnett and Sarah Parsons take readers into Canada's earliest studios, follow the adventures of geographic expeditions, trace the significance of cameras for soldiers in battle, reveal the roles of imagery in colonial oppression and resistance, and examine how photography has transformed the artworld. Celebrating the work of internationally renowned creators like William Notman, Jeff Thomas, and Suzy Lake, as well as dozens of images by lesser-known figures, the book provides a remarkable new history of major developments in portraiture, landscape, ethnography, photojournalism, family and street photography, art, and advertising.

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ISBN-13: 9781487103132

Number of pages: 460

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Imprint: The Canadian Art Library

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