War Art in Canada

War Art in Canada

Laura Brandon

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Throughout Canadian history, conflict has been a catalyst of change and a destroyer of worlds. War Art in Canada explores the universal theme of war through the country's visual and cultural past. Weaving together artworks and stories to inform and enlighten us, author Laura Brandon navigates both peaceful and brutal subject matter. By presenting the dynamic and, at times, surprising visual legacies of conflict, she encourages readers to question assumptions about our country's military past.

The art created from conflict is exceptional in its diversity, and Brandon has assembled an arsenal of conflict-related cultural media, including posters, sketches, photographs, films, and sculptures. This comprehensive study showcases a stunning range of creators, such as A.Y. Jackson, Alex Colville, and Rebecca Belmore, and includes Indigenous war art practices, passed down through generations in what we now call Canada. Ultimately, it provides new insights into our country's deep and often disturbing relationship with combat.

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Number of pages: 276

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Imprint: The Canadian Art Library

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