The Witness Blanket

The Witness Blanket

Carey Newman (CA)

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For more than 150 years, thousands of Indigenous children were taken from their families and sent to residential schools across Canada.

Artist Carey Newman created the Witness Blanket to make sure that history is never forgotten. The Blanket is a living work of art—a collection of hundreds of objects from those schools. It includes everything from photos, bricks, hockey skates, graduation certificates, dolls and piano keys to braids of hair. Behind every piece is a story. And behind every story is a residential school Survivor, including Carey's father. This book is a collection of truths about what happened at those schools, but it's also a beacon of hope and a step on the journey toward reconciliation.

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ISBN-13: 9781459836129

Number of pages: 96

Format: Hardback

Imprint: Orca Book Publishers

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