I'm the Boss!

I'm the Boss!

Elise Gravel (CA)

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Readers of all ages (but mostly the little ones) will understand how this tiny monster feels. For once in their life, this small beast wants to get everything it wants, right here, RIGHT NOW! While the grown-up monster can’t give them a plane they can fly or a cake with lots of candy on top, they can give them a really big hug when they feel upset. This delightful board book will make the little tyrants in your life giggle at the ridiculousness of the demands. And the text’s repetition of “A big one! Right now!” will have toddlers hollering along with glee. Orca apologizes in advance for any autocratic tendencies this book may inspire.

Product details

ISBN-13: 9781459832947

Number of pages: 30

Format: Board book Picture book

Imprint: Orca Book Publishers

English en