The Canadian Constitution

The Canadian Constitution

Adam Dodek (CA)

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A fully updated edition of the first-ever primer on Canada’s Constitution — for anyone who wants to understand the supreme law of the land.

The Canadian Constitution makes Canada’s Constitution readily accessible to readers. It includes the complete text of the Constitution Acts of 1867 and 1982, accompanied by an explanation of what each section means, along with a glossary of key terms, a short history of the Constitution, and a timeline of important constitutional events. The Canadian Constitution explains how the Supreme Court of Canada works and describes the people and issues involved in leading constitutional cases.

Author Adam Dodek, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, provides the only index to the Canadian Constitution, as well as fascinating background on the Supreme Court and the Constitution. This new edition is a great primer for those reading Canada’s Constitution for the first time and is a useful reference work for students and scholars.

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ISBN-13: 9781459752931

Number of pages: 224

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Imprint: Dundurn Press

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