"Indian" in the Cabinet

"Indian" in the Cabinet

Jody Wilson-Raybould (CA)

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A compelling political memoir of leadership and speaking truth to power by one of the most inspiring women of her generationnow in paperback

Jody Wilson-Raybould was raised to be a leader. She was inspired by the example of her grandmother, who persevered throughout her life to keep alive the governing traditions of her people. And as the daughter of a hereditary Chief and Indigenous leader, Wilson-Raybould always knew she would adopt leadership roles and responsibilities. But she never anticipated these roles would take her from her community of We Wai Kai in British Columbia to Ottawa as Canada’s first Indigenous minister of justice and attorney general in the Cabinet of then newly elected prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Wilson-Raybould’s experience in Trudeau’s Cabinet reveals important lessons about strengthening our political institutions and culture, and making the changes necessary to confront challenges like racial justice and climate change. As her initial optimism about the possibilities of enacting change while in Cabinet shifted to struggles over inclusivity, deficiencies of political will, and concerns about adherence to core tenets of our democracy, Wilson-Raybould stood on principle, and ultimately, resigned. In standing her ground, both personally and professionally, and telling the truth in front of the nation, she demonstrated the need for greater independence and less partisanship in how we govern.

“Indian” in the Cabinet: Speaking Truth to Power is the story of why Wilson-Raybould got into federal politics, her experience as an Indigenous leader sitting at the Cabinet table, her proudest achievements, the SNC-Lavalin affair, and how she got out and moved forward. Wilson-Raybould believes there is a better way to govern and a better way for politics to function—one that will make a better country for all.

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