Excel Macros For Dummies

Excel Macros For Dummies

Dick Kusleika

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Save time and become an Excel wizard with the world’s leading Excel macro guide

Do you love Excel and all the things you can do with it, but wish you could just work…faster? Excel macros—automated workflows that save you time and energy—might be just what you need. In Excel Macros For Dummies, you’ll learn over 70 of the most productive, time-saving macros in less time than it takes to back up the files on your computer!

Every chapter in the book gives you practical info and exercises you can put to work immediately, alongside step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to customize Excel to fit your every need. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Automations that take your Excel productivity to the next level, and beyond
  • Fully updated macros compatible with the newest version of Excel included in Microsoft 365
  • Careful explanations of the basics as well as tips for the advanced user

With something for everyone, Excel Macros For Dummies is the productivity supercharger you’ve been waiting for. Grab a copy today!

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ISBN-13: 9781119844433

Number of pages: 304

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