Laptops For Dummies

Laptops For Dummies

Dan Gookin

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The latest on getting the most from laptops and tablets

Not that long ago, laptops were seen as luxuries. Now they're practically an essential for many people, and—as faster computing power and super-sharp displays make many of them the equal of a desktop—the new wave of lightweight laptops is increasingly replacing the home PC with its bulky tower and multiple cords. Plus, you can use your laptop when chilling on the couch or venturing out for a quick coffee!

In this fully updated edition of Laptops For Dummies, bestselling tech writer Dan Gookin takes a friendly walk through everything you need to know, from the basics (if you're new to laptops) all the way up to the latest hardware and tech updates—including the recent release of Windows 10. Along the way you'll learn how to synchronize your laptop with other machines, coordinate email pickup across devices, and beef up your security. You'll also learn how to

  • Choose the right laptop
  • Check out tablet options
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Maintain and upgrade

Whether you're choosing a new laptop or want to maximize what you're getting from the one you have, Laptops For Dummies has you covered, wherever you want to work—or play!

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Number of pages: 336

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