APA Style & Citations For Dummies

APA Style & Citations For Dummies

Joe Giampalmi

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Write right in for scholarly success

While world-renowned for the precision and clarity it lends to scholarly writing, keeping track of APA style's exacting standards can be demanding (at times even excruciating!) for initiates and seasoned writers alike. Created and governed by the American Psychological Association, it provides a universal style for formatting, citations, and footnotes in psychological research, behavioral and social science journals, and beyond. Getting up to speed is tough stuff, but once you've got it, your work will have that easy-to-follow scholarly authority that will get high marks from your professors and peers alike.

Your friendly, frustration-free guide for this adventure in simplifying APA style is Joe Giampalmi, who has taught more than 100 APA-style composition courses to college students. He takes the pain of following APA style away by breaking it down to its essential elements and focusing on the important stuff students encounter most. You'll work through specific, real-life examples of using APA style for psychology, criminology, business, and nursing papers. In addition to demystifying the intricacies of formatting and citation, APA Style & Citations For Dummies has got you covered in all matters of grammar and punctuation—as well as guidance on how APA style can help you negotiate issues around the ethics of authorship and the importance of word choice in reducing bias.

  • Develop conciseness and clarity
  • Pay attention to flow, structure, and logic in your writing
  • Know when, why, how, and what to cite
  • Keep your writing ethically conscious and bias-free

Writing in APA style is something that almost all students will need to do at some point: APA Style & Citations For Dummies is a must-have desk reference to know how to win the approval of your professors—and earn the marks you need for success!

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