The Jealousy Man and Other Stories

The Jealousy Man and Other Stories

Jo Nesbo

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A dark, thrilling collection of stories probing twisted minds and vengeful hearts from a true master of suspense.

    Jo Nesbo is the consummate mystery writer, and his talent for hair-raising suspense and shocking twists are on full display in this inventive and harrowing collection of stories. A detective with a nose for jealousy is on the trail of a man suspected of murdering his twin; a bereaved father must decide whether vengeance has a place in the new world order after a pandemic brings about the collapse of society; a woman finally overcomes her intimacy issues through a dark encounter with her Peeping Tom neighbour; a hired assassin pits his wits against his greatest adversary, another assassin, in a dangerous fight for survival; and an instantly electric connection between passengers on a flight to London may spell romance, or something much more sinister. Contained in this collection are stories of insatiable avarice, unscrupulous lovers, and heartrending fate. With Nesbo's gift for outstanding atmosphere and complex characters, this is a veritable crime lover's delight.

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ISBN-13: 9781039001718

Number of pages: 528

Format: Hardback

Imprint: Random House Canada

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