My Stories, My Times, Volume 2

My Stories, My Times, Volume 2

Jean Chretien (CA)

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Following on the heels of his bestselling collection of political reminiscences, former Canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien still has a few more stories to tell. With anecdotes and reflections both serious and light-hearted, My Stories, My Times, Volume 2 is a unique window on our country from one of its greatest statesmen and patriots.

    With a career that spanned decades and an active retirement after that, it should come as no surprise that Jean Chrétien’s illuminating, perceptive and often humorous stories could not be contained in just one book. 
    This collection of essays features his trademark candour and ever-sharp political acumen, with plenty of wit to accompany the wisdom. With a delightful randomness, he remembers events and personalities that shaped our nation in a multitude of ways, and offers his views on international current events, including Canada-China relations, Brexit, and interprovincial dealings. Jean Chrétien’s stories serve to remind us that there is more to unite than divide us as a country, and that we have institutions we can take enormous pride in and values we must strive to maintain and keep building upon. Above all, these stories illustrate Jean Chrétien’s firm belief that we must never cease searching for common ground despite our differences.

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ISBN-13: 9781039000971

Number of pages: 288

Format: Hardback

Imprint: Random House Canada

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