The School of Life

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An empowering approach to our unspoken desires.

Despite its relative cultural normalization, many couples still find it difficult to communicate about sex. It can feel extremely vulnerable to express sexual desires and identities. With their trademark wisdom and practicality, The School of Life explains that rationality and philosophy can help us understand and articulate our sexual preferences.

By exploring a wide range of sexual enthusiasms, this book helps us compassionately acknowledge aspects of ourselves we may be repressing. The goal of the book is to reduce shame, increase confidence, and prompt moments of courageous and relationship-enhancing honesty.

  • HOW TO THINK ABOUT SEX an open-minded exploration.
  • REFRESHING & EXPLICIT a liberating deep dive into a subject often entrenched in taboo.
  • EMPOWERS ADULTS TO REFRAME tired definitions of sexuality.
  • A PHILOSOPHICAL APPROACH to understanding our own desires.

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ISBN-13: 9780993538766

Number of pages: 128

Format: Hardback Cloth over boards

Imprint: The School of Life

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