Women's Health, Second Edition

Women's Health, Second Edition

Pat Armstrong (CA)

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Though we may no longer confine our understanding of women’s health to reproduction and maternity care, women’s health in Canada continues to be limited by knowledge gaps, political agendas, and fiscal restraints. This second edition of Women’s Health provides a comprehensive picture of the state of women’s health in Canada, tracing the emergence of the field and outlining some of the current challenges facing its advancement.

The contributors—who include academics, health care professionals, and policy-makers—explore women’s health in different social and geographical locations, the gendering of care work, and the ways in which research can influence health policy. Drawing on gender-based analysis and highlighting the diversity among women, this multidisciplinary collection illustrates the breadth of contemporary Canadian writing on women’s health and calls for a renewed commitment to women’s health advocacy.

This revised edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect developments in research and recent changes in the social, political, and economic context. New chapters cover topics such as wait times, girls’ health, and unpaid health care. Featuring questions for further thought and lists of recommended readings and websites, this unique text is a valuable resource for both students and researchers in the fields of women’s studies, sociology, health sciences, and nursing.

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