The Studhorse Man

The Studhorse Man

Robert Kroetsch (CA)

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Hazard Lepage, the last of the studhorse men, sets out to breed his rare blue stallion, Poseidon. A lusty trickster and a wayward knight, Hazard's outrageous adventures are narrated by Demeter Proudfoot, his secret rival, who writes this story while sitting naked in an empty bathtub. In his quest to save his stallion’s bloodline from extinction, Hazard leaves a trail of anarchy and confusion. Everything he touches erupts into chaos, necessitating frequent convalescences in the arms of a few good women, except for those of Martha, his long-suffering intended. Told with the ribald zeal of a Prairie beer parlor tall tale and the mythic magnitude of a Greek odyssey, The Studhorse Man is Robert Kroetsch’s celebration of unbridled character set against the backdrop of rough-and-ready Alberta emerging after the Second World War. Introduction by Aritha van Herk.

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ISBN-13: 9780888644251

Number of pages: 224

Format: Paperback / softback With flaps

Imprint: University of Alberta Press

English en