History of the Jews in Quebec

History of the Jews in Quebec

Pierre Anctil (CA)

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The presence of Jews in Quebec dates back four centuries. Quebec Jewry, in Montreal in particular, has evolved over time, thanks to successive waves of migration from different regions of the world. The Jews of Quebec belong to a unique society in North America, which they have worked to fashion. The dedication with which they have defended their rights and their extensive achievements in multiple sectors of activity have helped foster diversity in Quebec.

This work recounts the different contributions Jews have made over the years, along with the cultural context that encouraged the emergence in Montreal of a Jewish community like no other in North America.

This is the first overview of a history that began during the French Regime and continued, through many twists and turns, up to the turn of the twenty-first century.

This book won the J.I. Segal Award (Jewish Public Library, Montreal), and was shortlisted in the Governor General's Literary Awards (Translation).

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