Sex in Canada

Sex in Canada

Tina Fetner (CA)

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What do we do in the bedroom? Do other people do the same? How often? Who with? Movies and the internet seem saturated in sex, but it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction, and real talk about our own sexual lives can feel uncomfortable. Sex in Canada pulls the covers off, breaking through myths with frank talk and hard facts.

Tina Fetner delves into sex among singles and couples, marriage and monogamy, hooking up and committed relationships, guided by the results of her one-of-a-kind survey of adults aged eighteen to ninety. She shows us how the social forces that shape our lives also nudge our sexual behaviour into patterns that reflect the world around us.

In applying the tools of social science to a formerly taboo topic, Sex in Canada offers the most accurate picture to date not just of Canadians’ sex lives but of why we act the way we do.

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Number of pages: 204

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