The Little Book of Money

The Little Book of Money

Leah N. Miles

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No need to stress about your finances anymore with The Little Book of Money. This easy and compact guide provides a multitude of practical tips and tricks for achieving financial prosperity, improving your overall wealth and reinvesting in yourself.

Discover everything you need to know to lead a more fruitful and prosperous life in this handy guide, from everyday financial basics like opening up a bank account, to growing your wealth with stocks, bonds and mutual funds to daily, monthly and yearly habits like the mason jar challenge for improved financial health. Whether you are a recent college graduate or someone seeking financial advice, this book will provide easy and practical tips to declutter your finances, improve your personal wealth and free yourself from the emotional stressors of money.

  • Simple tips and tricks for understanding the basics of finance
  • Creative strategies for maximing your income through mastering your budgets and investing in your passions and side hustles
  • Practical schedules for daily, monthly and yearly tasks for financial wealth
  • Inventive techniques to free yourself from the everyday stressors of money
  • Compact book with beautiful illustrations and photographs set in a hardcover package

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ISBN-13: 9780593673867

Number of pages: 96

Format: Hardback Paper over boards

Imprint: Driven

English en