The Chill (Special Edition)

The Chill (Special Edition)

Ross Macdonald

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A special edition of The Chill by Ross Macdonald. Featuring an introduction by James Ellroy.

In The Chill a distraught young man hires private investigator Lew Archer to track down his runaway bride. But no sooner has he found Dolly Kincaid than Archer finds himself entangled in two murders, one twenty years old, the other so recent that the blood is still wet. What ensues is a detective novel of nerve-racking suspense, desperately believable characters, and one of the most intricate plots ever spun by an American crime writer.

A Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Special Edition

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ISBN-13: 9780593311936

Number of pages: 288

Format: Paperback / softback Trade paperback (US)

Imprint: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

English en