Nothing to See Here

Nothing to See Here

Yuxin Gao

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Nothing to See Here is the hilariously naughty party game you’ve been missing—use your cards to come up with a “believable” story to explain your way out of any number of outrageously compromising positions.

What would you say if you, a florist, got caught half-naked behind the curtains holding a cucumber? Or if you, an electrician, are found under the bed, covered in oil, and bound with fluffy handcuffs?

In Nothing to See Here, a raunchy, sex-positive card game, each round has one dealer and two to seven additional players. The dealer comes home to discover a host of random characters in all sorts of shocking positions that lead them to believe their partner is cheating! The players start each round with an identity, location, and physical state card and have to come up with a narrative to explain that there’s nothing to see here—and not get caught in the act. For an extra layer of fun, the dealer and other players give players item cards that they have to seamlessly weave into their story. Good luck explaining that massage oil and feather tickler!
Warning: total hilarity may ensue.

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ISBN-13: 9780593234600

Number of pages: 163

Format: Game

Imprint: Clarkson Potter

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