Stories I Might Regret Telling You

Stories I Might Regret Telling You

Martha Wainwright (CA)

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The singer-songwriter’s internationally acclaimed memoir about growing up in a bohemian musical family and her experiences with love, loss, motherhood, divorce, the music industry, and more.

"[O]ften hilarious and more candid than it should be."—The Guardian
"You won't regret reading it." The Irish Times
"Her personal story reverberates." The Globe and Mail
"This entire memoir is a song." Jann Arden
"[W]arm rich writing...filled with humour, panache and gutsy feminism." Heather O'Neill

Born into music royalty, the daughter of folk legends Kate McGarrigle and Loudon Wainwright III and sister to the highly acclaimed, genre-defying singer Rufus Wainwright, Martha grew up in a world, filled with incomparable musical legends, in which every drama was refracted through song. Then, in 2005, she released her critically acclaimed debut album, Martha Wainwright, containing the blistering hit, “Bloody Mother F*cking Asshole,” which the Sunday Times called one of the best songs of that year. That release, and the albums that followed, showcased Martha’s searing songwriting style and established her as a powerful voice to be reckoned with.
Martha digs into her life with the same emotional honesty that has come to define her music, describing her tumultuous public-facing journey to finding her voice as an artist. With candor and grace, Martha writes of the indescribable loss of her mother, Kate, and of becoming a mother herself, finally understanding the challenge of being a female artist with children. Stories I Might Regret Telling You is a thoughtful, moving account of the extraordinary life of one of the most talented singer-songwriters in music today.

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