Diversity Leadership in Education

Diversity Leadership in Education

Catherine McGregor (CA)

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Widely understood to be the best tool of social change, education offers a space to interrogate persistent and damaging oppressions, calling into question the cultural and political antecedents, as well as the current politics and practices, that have facilitated inequity. Educational leaders themselves, however, have much to learn about dismantling systems that maintain these barriers.

Diversity Leadership in Education offers a deep look into the complexities and opportunities afforded by new models of diversity leadership. Authors from across North America explore how diverse leaders are key to improving the school experience for marginalized students. Indigenous, Black, racialized, and collaborative forms of leadership contribute to decolonizing educational settings by unsettling hegemonic ideas; these include the dominance of equity myths in educational administration and pedagogical whitewashing around issues germane to social justice.

Unpacking privilege in education systems, the volume speaks to incorporating social justice in everyday leadership practices through advocacy, solidarity, spirituality, relationality, and reconciliation. It profiles diversity leadership as a rudder, steering a more inclusive and equitable society.

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