Things I Learned from Falling

Things I Learned from Falling

Claire Nelson

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The gripping first-person account of one woman's survival in Joshua Tree National Park against the odds.

"A vibrantly physical book"—The Guardian  •  "Uplifting and brave"—Stylist  •   "A riveting account of loneliness, anxiety and survival"—Cosmopolitan

In 2018, writer Claire Nelson made international headlines when she fell over 25 feet after wandering off the trail in a deserted corner of Joshua Tree. The fall shattered her pelvis, rendering her completely immobile. There Claire lay for the next four days, surrounded by boulders that muffled her cries for help, but exposed her to the relentless California sun above. Her rescuers had not expected to find her alive.

In THINGS I LEARNED FROM FALLING Claire tells not only her story of surviving, but also her story of falling. What led this successful thirty-something to a desert trail on the other side of the globe from her home where no one knew she would be that day? At once the unbelievable story of an impossible event, and the human journey of a young woman wrestling with the agitation of past and anxiety of future.  

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ISBN-13: 9780063070172

Number of pages: 272

Format: Hardback

Imprint: HarperOne

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