Down and Out in Paris and London (Collins Classics)

Down and Out in Paris and London (Collins Classics)

George Orwell

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Three francs will feed you till tomorrow, and you cannot think further than that…

As a young man struggling to find his voice as a writer, George Orwell left the comfort of home to live in the impoverished working districts of Paris and London. He would document both the chaos and boredom of destitution, the eccentric cast of characters he encountered, and the near-constant pains of hunger and discomfort.

Exposing the grim reality of a life marred by poverty, Down and Out in Paris and London, part memoir, part social commentary, would become George Orwell’s first published work.

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ISBN-13: 9780008442651

Number of pages: 256

Format: Paperback / softback B-format paperback

Imprint: HarperPress

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