The Happy Vagina: An entertaining, empowering guide to gynaecological and sexual wellbeing

The Happy Vagina: An entertaining, empowering guide to gynaecological and sexual wellbeing

Mika Simmons

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The Happy Vagina shines a light on both the unique and sometimes awkward facts about everything gynaecological, creating an open dialogue for all sexes and generations.

“A fierce and fabulous celebration of women. Mika’s straight-talking, no-nonsense writing means she is the friend we don’t just want, but need. Beautiful and empowering. A must read.” – Laura Whitmore

In a world where the vagina is still, too frequently, considered taboo, this book aims to entertain, educate and enlighten. Mika Simmons, creator and host of 'The Happy Vagina' podcast, rightly believes that this taboo is problematic and can lead to a whole host of health issues. Intimate health and pleasure can be hard to talk about, regardless of background or experience, The Happy Vagina is here to smash this stigma for women, and men.

Medicine, politics, religion, and social conditioning have all had a thoroughly improper and exaggerated influence on women’s being – with many of the falsehoods told still negatively impacting us. Mika’s intention is to re-educate us all by shining a light on these ridiculous, historical myths and then debunk them by sharing the most unique, incredible, and empowering facts about the vagina, thereby encouraging a more open dialogue for everyone.

Covering everything from the myth of the wandering womb to mindful masturbation and orgasms to period poverty, the history of contraception, pregnancy and being childfree, Mika’s approachable and positive message urges all of us to know, and appreciate, our own bodies.

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ISBN-13: 9781911663850

Number of pages: 128

Format: Hardback

Imprint: Pavilion Books

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