The Female Body Bible

The Female Body Bible

Emma Ross

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This book will help you create healthy habits that consider all aspects of female health at every life stage, including how to:

* harness your hormones to improve your cycle symptoms, work productivity and exercise habits
* fuel your body to have the energy you need to smash your goals
* exceed your personal best for fun, fitness or competition
* exercise safely and build strength to benefit your long-term health
* equip you with the knowledge to manage injuries that women are more prone to than men
* change the language used to talk to adolescent girls about their bodies and give them the confidence to advocate for themselves
* confidently communicate with your health and fitness practitioners, friends, partners or colleagues about health issues you may be facing

Merging the latest science with the combined experience of its three expert authors: NHS doctor Bella Smith, sports research scientist Dr Emma Ross and athletic coach Baz Moffat, The Female Body Bible busts the myths and taboos that persist around women's bodies.

This isn't just a book, it's a movement - a call to action. Every woman deserves to know more about her body and everyone, regardless of their sex, needs to know more about women's bodies to remove the vestiges of secrecy and shame once and for all. This is the playbook of all the elements that go into getting the most out of your body, and a selection of strategies that you can try to find out what works for you and your incredible body.

Instead of prioritising how a body looks, we need to focus on how it feels and functions. When we listen to our body, understand how it works and embrace and nurture it, health, fitness and happiness will follow.

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ISBN-13: 9781787636194

Number of pages: 384

Format: Hardback

Imprint: Bantam Press

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