Mastering Uncertainty

Mastering Uncertainty

Matt Watkinson

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What separates the world’s most successful founders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from the rest?

It’s not visionary ideas or superhuman intelligence. It’s something more fundamental: their relationship with uncertainty.

Most people are blown off course by unexpected events. Top performers, by contrast, know how to navigate our unpredictable world. Not just that: they know how to thrive in it. You can acquire this essential skill, too.

In Mastering Uncertainty, investor and serial entrepreneur Csaba Konkoly and award-winning business author Matt Watkinson reveal the shortcomings of conventional business thinking and the advantages of developing a “probabilistic” mindset that turns uncertainty from a source of fear into an incredible and exciting advantage. 

They offer superbly practical advice on everything from how to handle setbacks and expand your network, to how to spot business opportunities and shape them into successful, growing businesses. 

Above all, they show how to think and operate like a great entrepreneur.

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ISBN-13: 9781637743621

Number of pages: 261

Format: Hardback

Imprint: Matt Holt

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