The General of Tiananmen Square

The General of Tiananmen Square

Ian Hamilton (CA)

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Ava Lee squares off against the Chinese government over a controversial film depicting the infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre in the latest thriller from bestselling author Ian Hamilton.

Ava Lee is in the French Riviera with Pang Fai and Lau Lau for the long-awaited premiere of Tiananmen at the Cannes Film Festival. As the film collects numerous awards and international acclaim, a distribution deal with a major American firm is arranged by the film’s producer, Chen.

When several months go by with no word from the Americans, Chen decides to travel to Los Angeles to determine what is preventing the film’s release. En route from his home in Bangkok, Chen goes missing. Ava is called in to investigate and soon learns that Chen is being held by the Thai immigration services on orders of the Chinese government, which is unhappy with the film’s depiction of the infamous massacre at Tiananmen Square and seeks to punish those responsible for its production.

To protect her investment, Ava must find a way for Tiananmen to be released, while keeping secret her own involvement in the film’s creation and ensuring her friends are kept safe from retribution. It's a difficult balancing act, perhaps the most difficult of her life — the stakes have never been higher nor has failure been more costly.

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ISBN-13: 9781487010218

Number of pages: 360

Format: Paperback / softback Trade paperback (US)

Imprint: Spiderline

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