The Almost Widow

The Almost Widow

Gail Anderson-Dargatz (CA)

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National Bestseller

If the man you love went missing, how far would you go to find him? 

Someone is watching Piper, and she thinks she knows who it is: the bushman. But there’s more than one danger lurking in this temperate rainforest. Poachers are taking down old growth trees and jeopardizing plans for a park, a project Piper is passionate about. When she pressures her husband, Ben, a natural resources officer, to identify the culprits, he takes his drone into the wilderness to track them down. And then, just as a snowstorm hits, he goes missing. 

Refusing to believe her husband is gone, Piper begins a desperate search for him, one that continues long after the rescue team has given up. But as she begins to uncover what really happened to Ben, Piper is pursued by a stalker who may have taken her husband’s life and now threatens to take hers.

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ISBN-13: 9781443464482

Number of pages: 320

Format: Paperback / softback Rough front

Imprint: HarperAvenue

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