On Being a Teacher

On Being a Teacher

Jeffrey A. Kottler

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"This book is a fabulous resource that helps both beginning and experienced teachers examine themselves and reflect on their own teaching practices."Michelle Barnea Educational Consultant Realize, refresh, and awaken the passionate, caring, motivated teacher inside! Who was the best teacher you ever had? Can you remember the excitement and joy that this teacher brought to learning? Do you want to be "the best teacher ever" for your students? Understanding yourself and how you relate to others is the first step in becoming the enthusiastic, inspirational teacher to whom students respond best. On Being a Teacher links teaching to the unique human characteristics that each of us possesses. Written with the preservice, beginning, and veteran teacher in mind, the authors help educators discover their own special traits that make them superlative teachers. This newly revised third edition includes the addition of: Research-based teaching strategies Professional development activities An in-depth look at parent-teacher conferences Ideas for getting involved in your school and district to further your professional growth Information on learning styles and multiple intelligences Guides for individual and group reflection This book is ideal for teacher education courses and induction programs and can be used for either individual growth or group study.

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