A Social Ecology of Capital

A Social Ecology of Capital

Éric Pineault

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Faced with an ecological crisis of existential proportions, the economic relations of capitalism have only fanned the flames. The transformation of property relations is an urgent necessity, but not, in itself, enough to save us. Enter ‘degrowth’: a concept that radically challenges contemporary life, culture and economics as we know it.

Through an impressive synthesis of the traditions of eco-Marxism and feminist ecological economics, Éric Pineault presents a well-rounded critique of contemporary capitalist growth and its socio-ecological contradictions, in which growth is understood as both a biophysical and accumulation process.

The book provides fresh answers to key questions of current socio-ecological debates: Why does capitalist society depend on accelerating growth? Why is the constant upscaling of its economic process necessary for its social stability? How does this deepen the ecological contradictions that humanity now faces? And what can we learn from this for our understanding of emancipatory futures?

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ISBN-13: 9780745343778

Number of pages: 176

Format: Paperback / softback Trade paperback (UK)

Imprint: Pluto Press

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