Picking Winners

Picking Winners

Peter Hadekel (CA)

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Scott Fraser is a shrewd Montreal money manager who defies traditional wisdom to deliver stellar results for his clients year after year. One of the most unusual investors in Canada, Fraser founded a legendary investment firm with Stephen Jarislowsky and then, 20 years later, walked away without receiving a dollar for his equity. When the business was eventually sold to a big chartered bank for $950 million, Fraser was left with nothing ... yet he never complained. Instead, he has used his quiet, back-to-basics investment strategy to deliver a 19.5 per cent annual compounded return every year since 1990, an astonishing achievement. His secret? Fraser picks winners and then rides them patiently for years and years. He is more than just shrewd - he is revolutionary. Fraser has found new ways to identify quality stocks and quantify risk. Where others see potential peril, he sees opportunity. When others want to take profits, he rides the stock a little longer. Picking Winners reveals his winning method, which works in bull markets and bears.

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ISBN-13: 9781988025520

Number of pages: 200

Format: Hardback

Imprint: Barlow Books

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