Luther and Calvin on Secular Authority

Luther and Calvin on Secular Authority

Martin Luther

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This volume contains new, unabridged translations of Luther's On Secular Authority and Calvin's On Civil Government. These works represent the authors' attempts to balance their commitments to the maintenance of order in Church and polity on the one hand, and the overriding imperative of uncompromising obedience to the will of God as revealed in Scripture on the other. The book is intended to be readily intelligible to students and nonspecialists, but precise enough for scholars. The introduction relates the works to the thought and activities of their authors, and a glossary, chronology and bibliography are also provided.

  • Luther and Calvin are the most important figures of the Reformation and these two pieces are their most important writings on the relationship between Church and polity
  • This is the first time that these two works have been presented together in one volume. They are accompanied by the full editorial apparatus: recent translations, introduction, glossary, chronology and bibliography
  • Harro Höpfl is author of The Christian Polity of John Calvin (CUP, 1982) and numerous articles on the subject

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