Old Montreal: History through Heritage

Old Montreal: History through Heritage

Gilles Lauzon

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Old Montreal is a one-square-kilometre historic district located in the heart of one of North America’s great cities. The old city centre offers a unique blend of history and heritage that spans thousands of years, from prehistoric encampments to architectural masterpieces of later days. Constantly changing throughout its history, the district nonetheless bears striking evidence of each major stage in its development. Join the authors as they explain how Old Montreal’s diverse architectural heritage and many features of its urban landscape—archaeological remains, streets, squares, gardens, docks and public works of art—reveal so much about the district’s past and the people who lived there.

Each chapter covers a distinct historical period. The unfolding story traces how the historic district emerged as a powerful business district, casting its influence over the larger city, its region and even, in part, over the development of the continent. Recounted in an accessible and vibrant manner, the history of Old Montreal comes alive thanks to 270 illustrations, including magnificent colour photographs commissioned for this book.

Old Montreal: History through Heritage is essential reading for first-time visitors to Old Montreal and for those seeking a new appreciation of a familiar haunt. Reference maps of the district, one for each period, will lead you on a journey of exploration, allowing you to plan your own excursions through fascinating layers of history and heritage.

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