The Windmill Mystery

The Windmill Mystery

Pamela Jones

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The body of a woman is found at the foot of an eighteenth-century mill in a suburb of Montréal. She is one of the city's leading investigative journalists, who was just about to publish something embarrassing about the leader of Canada's separatist party. Two police officers, one a mild-mannered detective with a degree in history and the other a tough-as-nails woman raised in the slums of Montréal, are assigned the case.


The suspects are drawn from the city's colorful extremes and include one of the richest woman in Canada, a woman who fatally attracts the wrong kind of men, an ambitious nun who will stop at nothing to keep her convent from foreclosure, and a wily politician with something to hide. As the detectives sift through the evidence, they come to realize that the crime is entwined with a tragic incident of ethnic cleansing that took place in 'New France' over 200 years ago but is eerily reminiscent of events in the news today.


The author vividly portrays the unique atmosphere of Montréal and its history with its Franco-European flavor. A colorful, witty, and fast-paced mystery!

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