A History of Canadian Fiction

A History of Canadian Fiction

David Staines

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A History of Canadian Fiction is the first one-volume history to chart its development from earliest times to the present day. Recounting the struggles and the glories of this burgeoning area of investigation, it explains Canada's literary growth alongside its remarkable history. Highlighting the people who have shaped and are shaping Canadian literary culture, the book examines such major figures as Mavis Gallant, Mordecai Richler, Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and Thomas King, concluding with young authors of today whose major successes reflect their indebtedness to their Canadian forbearers.

  • Offers a complete history of Canadian fiction from colonial times through to the present day
  • Identifies the major trends and problems that accompanied the steady growth of fiction in Canada
  • Uses the texts, words, and relevant criticisms of Canadian writers to map out the history, growth, and place of Canadian fiction

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