Every Day is To-Day

Every Day is To-Day

Gertrude Stein

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A gorgeous new collection featuring 26 of Gertrude Stein's most enrapturing and essential short writings--a carefully curated, accessible entry point into her best and most joyful works

Between the French-flapped covers of this elegant paperback collection, readers will rediscover Gertrude Stein as the bearer of a joyfully radical literary vision. A bold experimenter, her writing sparks with vitality, relishing in rhythm, repetition, sound and colour in its central vision: to prise apart language and association and find thrilling new ways to express the true essence of her subject with charming joie de vivre.

Stein considered her shorter writings to be the truest expressions of her enrapturing style. Her fascination with people and personalities can be located in expressive portraits of close friends Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Cezanne, Jean Cocteau, and Juan Gris, whilst her decades-long relationship with Alice B. Toklas is immortalised with shimmering eroticism. There are also playful meditations on her unique writing process, conveying her serious delight in meddling with conventions of grammar and composition.

Confirmed Table of Contents:

  •     Ada
  •     Portrait of Mabel Dodge
  •     Matisse
  •     Picasso
  •     Miss Fur and Miss Skeene
  •     Flirting at the Bon Marche
  •     Susie Asado
  •     Preciosilla
  •     Sacred Emily
  •     One
  •     Ladies Voices
  •     Accents in Alsace
  •     Idem the Same
  •     Cezanne
  •     A Book Concluding with As A Wife Has a Cow
  •     Van or Twenty Years Later
  •     If I Told Him
  •     Juan Gris
  •     Identify a Poem
  •     What Does She See When She Shuts Her Eyes
  •     Advertisments
  •     What Happened
  •     Jean Cocteau
  •     A Movie
  •     A Waterfall and Piano
  •     Saint in Seven

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