On Baba's Back

On Baba's Back

Marianne Dubuc (CA)

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Baby koala Koko takes his first step toward independence in this endearing board book made for reading together.

Koko and Baba are a very close koala family, so close that Koko does everything on Baba's back—eats, plays, you name it! Until one day, when Koko wants to do something different, and he takes his first step off Baba's back to go explore. Families will love snuggling up together to read this sweet tale of togetherness, just like Koko and Baba as they curl up at the end of the night to celebrate Koko's big day.

Product details

ISBN-13: 9781616899127

Number of pages: 24

Format: Board book

Imprint: Princeton Architectural Press

English en