Practice Makes Perfect: Basic English, Premium Fourth Edition

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic English, Premium Fourth Edition

Julie Lachance

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Everything you need to master first-year English language essentials—clear explanations, tons of practice exercises, and NEW audio to improve your speaking and listening skills

The most effective way to learn any new language is to practice, practice, and practice some more—and no other workbooks put as much emphasis on this as the Practice Makes Perfect series. In Practice Makes Perfect: Basic English, you'll find all the practice you need, presented in easily managed short units (each taking about 20 minutes to complete), along with clear explanations of grammar and a solid grounding in basic vocabulary.

Supported by the McGraw Hill Language Lab app, this workbook also offers comprehensive digital support for speaking and listening to conversational English. Extensive audio recordings provide the answer key for select exercises, and will help you build your confidence in speaking and listening to the language. With the instruction, explanations, and extensive practice in this book, you'll gain all the knowledge a first-year student needs to know.

  • Short units with key grammatical concepts and core vocabulary provide easy, bite-size lessons for your busy schedule
  • Comprehensive coverage of verb tenses, irregular verbs, negative and question forms, usage of there is, be going to, and more
  • Engaging review practice includes word search puzzles and scramble sentence exercises
  • Designed specifically for ESL students and ideal for both self-study or to complement a first-year class
  • Supported by 50 pronunciation exercises, available via McGraw Hill’s exclusive Language Lab app, to practice the sounds that learners find difficult
  • NEW in this edition: Audio recordings of select exercises from the book to help with your listening and speaking skills

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