The Book of Radical Answers

The Book of Radical Answers

Sonya Renee Taylor

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The go-to guide to growing up, rooted in radical self-love and body empowerment, by the NYT bestselling author of The Body Is Not an Apology.

The Book of Radical Answers is a groundbreaking work of non-fiction by author and activist Sonya Renee Taylor that gives honest, empowering and age appropriate answers to real questions from young readers about health, sex, gender, race and justice. Steeped in joy and possibility, Taylor's writing assures kids that, as they mature, life will be fun, complicated, strange and wonderful, and most importantly, that they are amazing and have the ability to thrive with the inherent knowledge of their self-worth.

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ISBN-13: 9780593354834

Number of pages: 288

Format: Paperback / softback Digest format paperback

Imprint: Dial Books

English en